Buy in Bulk - Prime Silk Lash by Beautier (Volume)


Classic and Volume Silk Lashes for Eyelash Extensions 

Lashia / Beautier

Beautier's and Lashia's multi award winning Prime Silk Lash range are beautifully hand crafted using Korean PBT fiber to create a very consistent curl shape that is durable, very light, natural looking and feeling. There's a reason why eyelash tech's all over the world keep coming back to Beautier. 

Salon Wholesale / buy in bulk to save $$

Minimum Order Quantity for bulk orders:

Lashia Lashes - 10 trays per size, a total of minimum 500 trays

Beautier Lashes - 5 trays per size, a total of minimum 100 trays

Sizes/Variants available

Curls: J, B, C, D, L+, V(M)
Thickness: 0.03, 0.06, 0.12, 0.15
Fibre: Prime Silk Lash, Prime Impact Lash (Clover), Lashia HD, Lashia Silk
Individual length trays: 6-15mm (16 line)
Standard Mixed length tray: 8-16mm (16 line)
New Mixed length tray: 6-13mm (16 line)
Mini tray: 6-11mm (6 line)

Production/delivery time
Beautier: 10-14 days
Lashia: 4-6 weeks

Shipping with DHL

Your products will be sent directly from the factory in Korea.

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