Wholesale - Prime Impact Silk Lash by Beautier (Clover Lashes) 0.18

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Prime Impact (Clover) Silk Lash by Beautier 0.18 bulk order

Individual length trays, 16 Lines:

Lengths: 6-13mm

Minimum order: 5 trays per type, a total of minimum 30 trays

Curls: B, C, D, L+

Thickness: 0.15, 0.18

Fiber: Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), the Prime Impact lash has a structure which resembles a clover (microscopically), hence the nickname.

Characteristics: This is the third generation classic eyelash fiber, replacing the flat lash due to its matte effects, it appears thicker than a standard silk, with less weight. The clover lash fits anywhere on the client's lash, thus a flat lash can only be placed top or bottom.

Origin: Korea

Manufacturing/Quality control
Machine made, high quality korean fiber, hand rolled, cut and added to tray by qualified, experienced manufacturers. We ensure anyone handling the product keep the highest hygiene standards, and wears hand, mouth and eye protection at all times. Each tray needs to pass 7 steps of quality control, ensuring consistency and high standards.

Production/delivery time
10-14 days
Shipping with DHL

Shipping cost will differ from standard shipping on products in our store.
Discounts and free shipping are exempt from bulk orders.

Your products will be sent directly from the factory in Korea.

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