Eyelash Extension Training Course (Part Time over 2 weeks)



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Eyelash Extensions Training Course 

Lashia’s 2 week part time Eyelash Extension Training course stands above all other Eyelash Extension courses on the market.

This is your training:
10 half days over 2 weeks
Times: Mon-Fri 9.30am-1pm
Add an additional week with Volume Lashes and save $1000.
-Unlimited individual one-on-one practical support with your Mentor following your course weeks.
-Theoretical and Practical Exam to receive your Lashia certificate.
-Pick your starter kit – Basic, Starter, Master (basic included in your tuition).
10% Discount on all Lashia products.

Week 1
-Practical training on 2 mannequin heads.
-Sanitation, safety and ergonomics.
-Application, lash pick-up and isolation.
-Various taping techniques.
-Lashia’s unique altering hands technique.
-Your first applications on real live models supervised by your Mentor.
Case studies: Application, Eye mapping and Tweezer Techniques.

Week 2
-Lashia’s advanced Lash mapping.
-Be the Master of your tweezers.
-Customer care and comfort.

-Chemistry safety, how to work with Cyanoacrylate based adhesives and how they work in various humidities.
-Start your Lash Business Workshop – a guide to become your own Lash Boss.
-You´re practicing on 2 live models with the assistance of your teacher.
(we supply all models)
Case studies: Write a 1 page business plan and goals for your business start-up.

Add an extra week of Russian Volume training and save $1000!

You also get:
-Access to the closed Lashianetwork Facebook group.
-Free listing on
-Discounted listing on
-Latest news from the Lash industry, events, competitions, new techniques.
-Attend Lashia workshops and events.
-Lifetime unlimited support with your Lashia Mentor.

Be The Artist You Should Be

Before you book your course with us you must register. to register follow the link below.

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