Basic Starter Kit By Lashia

$320 $350

Eyelash Extensions Start kit,

Everything you need to get started for Volume Eyelash Extensions.

This kit Includes,   

1 x Straight Tweezers "Britte" by Lashia,                                

1 x Curved Tweezer "Gretta" by Lashia,

1 x Eyelash Extension Magnifying Glasses,  

1 x Tray Primre Silk Lash by Beautier J-curl 0.15mm 0.07mm,

 1 x Tray Mixed Size Silk Lashes by Beautier B-curl 0.15mm,

1 x Tray Mixed Size Silk Lashes by Beautier C-curl 0.15mm,

1 x Crystal Glue Professional Adhesive By Lashia, 

1 x Large Silicon Tray by Beautier (18cm x 14cm),

1 x Mascara wands (10-pack) by Lashia,

 1 x Cream remover (5g) by Beautier,

1 x Salon Head Bands by Lashia,

 1 x Micropore tape by 3M,

1 x Microfoam tape by 3M,

1 x 10-pack Gel Pads Eyepatch (banana shape) by Lashia,

1 x Disposable Micro Applicators (100 pack),

5 x Lashia Aftercare broschures ,

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