Eyelash Extensions Lash Mastery Training Course (10 Days)


Eyelash Extensions Training Course.

Lashia’s extensive 2 week Eyelash Extension course curriculum has been recognized worldwide and nominated in several categories by NALA Awards in Canada. (the Lash industry’s “Oscar’s”)

To do Eyelash Extensions is an art, and we have taken a different approach to teaching it, through mentored training and one-on-one practical delivery in small groups.

Mentored training means that we customize our program to suit every individual. We are all different types of learners, and we want to make sure you understand every element when it comes to learning the Art of Eyelash Extensions.

At Lashia you are with us for 2 full weeks, where we teach you all the fundamentals in Classic and Hand Made Volume Eyelash Extensions.
Our course also involves 2 business sessions where we give you tools and guidance on how to start up your small Lash Business.
Following your 2 weeks you will have your social media pages, business name, and bookings set up all ready to go!


Your journey begins here and after the 2 weeks with us you are considered a “Lashia Trainee”. You will practice your skills, taking paying clients, building your business, all with support from us. During your trainee time you are welcome back anytime for support in techniques, marketing, pricing or anything you may need help with.

When you are ready you will sit the Lashia Practical exam to receive your Lashia certificate.

We only offer this course every 6 weeks, so please make sure you book in advance.
Between courses our school is open for our current students to come back and practice and take models on our 10 lash beds.


Before you book your course with us you must register. to register follow the link below.

Be The Artist You Should Be

Click here for course registration and information. 


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